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Question of the Day!

OK! I'm rebooting Question of the Day! EXCITING! I though TUT was going to carry the torch but he dropped it. Then stepped on it. Then took a drink of water which he proceeded to spill. On the torch. He then buried the evidence.

So, Christmas is over and I'm sort of settling into my new job here and I think I'll start trying to do QOTD again. I may not be as "INSTANT REPLY" like as I was previously, and I doubt I'll do it every day but hey, who cares, right?! It's better than not having it? Right? RIGHT? CATHOLIC MOTHER SAYS, "Nothing you do is ever good enough Furby!"


*Sobs in the corner*

Anway....with that awkwardness behind us...

What's your favorite reboot of the past rebootylicious couple of years?

Did Star Trek tickle your fancy? The Hobbit counts because there was that awesome cartoon? Batman and Robin led to Christopher Nolan starting from scratch, which was a great thing?

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