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Question of the Day!

What are 3 of the most beautiful songs that you have ever heard?

Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) - Coldplay

Anyone who says Viva la Vida is the best song on Coldplay's 4th album is dead wrong (because I say so, humph). This one is so much better; it's like a watercolor painting in auditory form. (And, yes I know that this it the EP version; I just like the extra life in this version better than the original.)


Walk Off - The National

This song is just so mellow and soothing. I could have this on repeat and most likely not get tired of it. Believe me, believe me, believe me.............

My Shadow - Keane

If any band knows how to make a finale, it's would have to be Keane. Every single one of their final songs on their albums are beautiful, and many times powerful; this song being the shining example. The only band that is capable of competing with them is Arcade Fire, but I'll save them for another day...


So what about you guys? Let me know in the comments down below! (Did anyone notice that all my choices came off of EPs? No? Unintentional irony is abound...)

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