I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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What is a series (any form of media) that you went into near-blindly, and came out loving it a lot?


If you know me, I absolutely love Persona. When I bought a PS2 two christmases ago so I could play some older games (mostly FFXII, DQVIII, and KH), Persona 4 was one of the highest rated PS2 games on Amazon and a JRPG, so I decided to get it even though I didn't really look into it that much. After trying a bit of DQVIII and KH, I popped the P4 disk in, and didn't take it out for at least two days. I had never played something so engrossing ever before in my life, nor have I cared enough about any characters. To this date, the only two games that I have played to completion on the PS2 are P4 and P3FES, and I don't regret my ~$110 PlayStation 2 purchases the slightest bit.

So what about you guys? Talk amongst yourselves down below. ^^

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