I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Question of the Day!

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Mmn... I feel so lazy today. Anyways, since I watched the entirety of the (dark and messed up) Madoka Magica series yesterday, and today's open forum topic was tv shows: What is a series finale that you believe was intentionally made to screw with the viewers?


Why this topic? Because at first I really didn't like Homura (the black-haired girl in the center), but as time went on and the secrets of her existence are revealed I began to feel sorry for her. However, at the end of Rebellion (the movie sequel to the series) she flips everything on its head and make you doubt your sincerity towards her. It's not like what she does happens out of nowhere, but still... I don't really like the ending; it's far from even bitter-sweet...

What about you guys? Talk amongst yourselves down below.

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