Have you ever been presented with two or more choices in a game, only to be able to choose one to the point of not even considering the other options?

This happened with me at the end of Bastion. I just couldn't leave Zulf behind... Let's see, I wrote out this scene in words a few years back... (Spoilers Ahead)

I press forward through the Ura ranks with a stone-cold heart and two purposes: Retrieve the last shard and reset time itself to prevent the Calamity from ever happening. After tearing through the Ura homeland for nearly a half of an hour, whilst dispatching dozens of them and retrieving the shard, the ground builds itself beneath my feet and I see Zulf, the traitor who left us for dead as the Ura attacked and nearly destroyed the bastion. Rage fills my heart as I approach him with my fists clenched, but yet, as I get closer, I realize he's been badly injured; most likely because the Ura turned on him when he accidentally led me here. Pity swallows me, and I am presented with a choice: March on and get that final shard home, or get him back to the bastion and patch him up before death claims him. Emotions well within me as I struggle to make a choice, and finally, I drop my weapons and reach down to pick-up his limp body. As I move towards the teleporter exit, I realize my own wounds and start to limp slowly as a slow, haunting remix of Zulf's theme reverberates around me. "No matter," I whisper more to myself than Zulf, "we'll make it there eventually." But as I look up, Ura crossbowmen appear on the water-colored floating grounds above us and beside us, and start pelting us with bolts. As the sharp tips penetrate my body, I once again say to myself through gritted teeth, "No matter, we'll make it." Once I reach the curved stairs to get the teleporter, the hail-fire of bolts stop and three Ura solders block my path. I look wearily into their eyes and trudge ahead as they move aside. At least two dozen Ura eyes now look on as I slowly climb the stairs. Eventually, an Ura's nerves snap, and he releases a barrage of bolts upon my body. His commander is heavily disgusted with his actions and deals him on the spot. I give a nod of woeful thanks and plod on until I reach the teleporter, and my vision whites-out.

So what about you guys? Talk amongst yourselves down below.