Have you ever made such a large mistake in a game that you went back a long way/restarted your entire game just to fix it?

This happened pretty badly to me in Fire Emblem Awakening. I was pretty far into the second continent when I realized that due to my decision to roll with the punches and let my party members stay dead, most of the essential parents for the second generation characters were long gone, and that I was missing out on a lot of conversations. So defeated, I started completely over on the non-hardcore setting, and made sure that all "optional" characters didn't go kill themselves before Chrom could talk to them. So far these new support conversations that I missed are making my efforts worth it. ^^

Also before I finish, Anna love 4life! If you played this game (or any Fire Emblem game) who's your waifu/husbando? I'll wait. :-P


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