I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TODAY'S QotD IS NOT ABOUT ERO YOU GUYS, I SWEAR. It's about cutesy little love stories.


References aside, I finally got around to playing/reading The Hateful Days visual novel pair (Analogue & Hate Plus), and as I was playing Hate Plus, I came across a game mechanic of its that makes everything much more immersive. The fact that the game takes place over 3 days in semi-realtime. Basically thanks to your friendly AI's processes (for the lack of a better word), you can only do so much in a single "day", or otherwise you'd be eating up nessesary power to run your ship that is taking you back to Earth (which you will arrive at in 3 days). So once you burn up your reserve power by downloading juicy files on the generation ship from the previous game, you are forced to save your game, and are locked out from the save for 12 hours so the ship's reserve power can recharge. Even though I exploited the system (by changing my computer's clock), I instantly felt more attached to the story thanks to this little layer of immersion added on.

So what about you guys? What's a game mechanic (in general or from a specific game) that helped make you become much more immersed? Talk amongst yourselves down below.

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