I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
GameStop ran out of these unfortunately :(
GameStop ran out of these unfortunately :(

I missed a few days of posts this week, so today I’m trying to play catch up.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a shiny new Fire Emblem game out now. I’m 2 - 3 hours in and am impressed by the scale, though the social management part is still early to give an opinion. The level of choice, however, is the most appealing aspect thus far given the amount of weight they are given this early on.


I ended up settling on male Byleth and siding with the Black Eagles per my original plan. That said, I was heavily leaning towards the Blue Lions after getting to know some of the characters (the chivalrous knight duty bound crew appeals to me), but I’m saving that for my next playthrough as female Byleth given what I’ve heard about its replayability.

So without further delay, here are your questions of the day:

  • Male or Female Byleth?
  • What house did you end up choosing?
  • If you could create a house, what would it look like (color and animal/object/concept/etc.)?

Am I the only one that’s kinda bothered they didn’t go with the Crimson Eagles given their red banner? I guess the red on red wouldn’t have looked as nice as the other houses. I don’t know, maybe they didn’t want the Pokemon comparison...

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