I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Question . . . Of the . . . DAY . . . DUN DUN DUN

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So, I bought a toaster during Black Friday. Mine sorta got . . . toasted, a few months back, and although it hurt to have to say goodbye to my usual morning treat, I moved on. Actually, I just somehow ended up putting it off for no big reason. I guess I just don't go into "toaster-focused" environments enough to remind and motivate me about getting a new one. Then during the past holiday break, I sorta became a bit of a shut in, so it wasn't until Black Friday that I finally picked up a new one. Nothing fancy or anything. Just your regular toaster. But, goddamn, it's good to have toast back!


As weird as it may sound, I adore toasters. They're just so cool, you know? Their shiny and boxy exterior, and simple-yet-perfect design. They're probably at the top of my "Favorite household appliances" list. And there is nothing more satisfying in the morning than that "Pthhhwwrrtt*" sound they make when the toast pops up. It's probably in the top ten on my list of "Favorite everyday sounds". And, that's sorta my question of the day:

What's your favorite everyday sound? And try to describe it~

Onomatopoeia's fun, right?

*Not a silent 'P', although I expected you to know that. It's not as if the English language has rules or anything~

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