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Question of the Day! High School Yearbook Theme Week!

Yesterday we did most likely to succeed and....very few people participated! That's OK! It's Monday, no one wants to do anything. I've high hopes that today you will all help me out in discovering who the


Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

would be. As usual, list a male and female and reasons why.

Male: Furby. They have electronic brains that no zombie is interested in. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king!

Female: I'd like to say Furby again, but unfortunately female Furby is waaaay smarter than male Furby so it might be that zombies would be interested in devouring their circuits. Hrmmm. Tough one. I could go the easy route and pick Zoey or Jill Valentine, but let's get creative. I'd say Lara Croft as she'd be like the Merle(thanks Astro) Daryl Dixon of any post apocalyptic group. All stoic and shooting things with a crossbow. She's got ridiculous survival skills which Jill and Zoey may be lacking so really she has a leg up on those two anyway.

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