What game were you initially worried about before you played it, but when you did, you were surprised by how good (or not as bad as you thought) it is?

For me that would be Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Even though I've never finished the original, I've realized how much better it was than the little I've played of Invisible War. Something feels off in that game... Thus, when my friend gifted this one to me over X-mas, I was worried that it would be another IW redux with prettier graphics and maybe slightly better gameplay. Boy was I wrong. Almost everything that made me love the parts of Deus Ex that I played was here, along with a darker and slightly more interesting story (in my opinion), and a character even more seemingly badass than JC.

No spoilers here, but when one character dies quite awhile into the game if you can't save him/her, I was shocked. I never really liked that character, but the moment the game took him/her away because I didn't have the firepower and skill to save him/her, I was hurt. I've still haven't gone back to the game yet because of that... >.> <.<

Also, this: