What were the games of your childhood?

I never had a console until the Wii. Sure, I'm old enough to have been at least a kid who grew up with a PS2 or Gamecube, but due to my father being a gamer at the dawn of the PC gaming era (think Doom and Mist), I grew up on a PC instead. That being said, I played a lot of real-time strategy games. I'm pretty sure I've at least tried most every major franchise that existed at the time. (Want to quiz me? :-P) However, the ones I had the most fun with were the ones published under Microsoft Game Studios, and made by Ensemble (Age of Empires) and Big Huge (Rise of Nations). All of their games just had a certain quality that just made me want to play more even though I wasn't very good at them.

So what about you guys? Let me know down below!

(And on a side note, Age of Mythology is getting an HD re-release on Steam in May! Hype, hype, hype!)