Hello again! Today we shall continue with our favorite video game songs/musical pieces. Today I want to know what your favorite dungeon/cave theme, boss fight theme, and credits theme. Make sure to give links, and if you haven't answered yesterday's three questions, click here. Now let's begin. ^^

My picks are as follows:

Cave theme - Cave Story's (heh) Last Cave 3DS Version (This pun was not intended...)

I was debating pretty heavily on whether I should chose this version or the true ending path one. Ultimately, I prefer the sax (I think) and piano drive of this one over the electronic rave styled alternative version. They are both the best of their class however. ^^ You know it's the beginning of the end once the black wind blows through your body and one of those begin...

Boss fight theme - Tie between Persona 3 and 4's final boss themes "The Battle for Everyone's Souls" and "The Almighty"

I can't chose one over the other! Don't make me! T-T

In all seriousness though, no other boss fight themes have stuck with me like these two. Honorable mention goes to the games'... other... um... I'll stop there for all of you who haven't played either of these games yet. Anyways, I believe these two themes work so well due to the contrasting styles of music that are layered atop one another, and how each battle is set up. They truly feel like there are stakes at hand, and everything depends on you and your friends at that point. (4's stage also perfectly fits the breath-taking sound of the song. If you played it, you know what I mean...)


Credits theme - Persona 3's Kimi no Kioku (Memories of You)

(Note: If you plan to play Persona 3 at any point, I would avoid watching the video. It has the lyrics layered over the actual credits sequence karaoke-style. Just put it on and scroll down to avoid any potential spoilers.)

Every time I put this song on, I want to cry. Every. Single. Damn. Time. It's so beautiful and heart-breaking. (Note Again: Avoid looking up english lyrics of this song at all costs until you finish the game. Major spoiler is in it. Sorry Japanese speakers...) Before I finished this game, nothing was ever strong enough to break me. Not even Persona 4's oh so sweet true ending. It was just the most bitter-sweet ending I have ever seen... Excuse me now, I need to go clear my eyes... T-T


So what about you guys? Let me know about your choices below!

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