I'm really feeling it!

Ugh. Almost on a nightly basis I stay up way too late playing FF14. Last night I managed to tear myself away at 11:30pm, but the prior two days I was up until at least 3am. The good news is that I'm a level 25 conjurer, member of the twin adders, and well on my way to becoming a WHM and getting that Unicorn. I got my chocobo finally (a bit of a disappointment). Anyway, the lack of sleep? Is it worth it? Not really. It's pretty stupid actually.

What's the stupidest thing you've done for a video game?

Did you camp out overnight in front of Gamestop for Duke Nukem Forever? Did you call in sick the day GTA V came out (it's ok, we won't tell)? Or did you break up a friendship by too many zerg rushes?


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