I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Going to try something a little new here just for this week. We'll have a bit of a theme week. I'll name an emotion, and you tell me the game that for you evokes that emotion, or if you have a story regarding the game that fits that emotion. At the end of the week we'll all have learned a little something about love and friendship. Or not. But it seemed like a good idea when I was taking a shower.


So Day 1.

Emotion: Anger

Bonus Emotion: Awe

There are too many for me to list but some notables:

1. Dr. Mario: I had a long running competition with my roommate and he stomped me every time so instead of learning how to play well, I learned how to play dirty. I never "BEAT" him, but I always made his screen fill up with pills. My strategy became not to clear the board faster, but to set up triple, quadruple, or even more. When I finally beat him he threw the controller and stormed out.

2. Starcraft: Same friend (Actually I think I could just do #1: My friend Craig). He wiped out my main base but the game had progressed to where I had several others. I lifted off everything and put it in a corner then made the unit limit of wraiths while he was trying to find things of mine. All the while I was typing, "Oh Craig, just finish the game. I'm going to leave!" (256 x 256 maps ftw.) Eventually I wrecked him. He came and punched a hole through my door.

3. "I'm taking my VMU and going home!" Craig and I kept stealing my other friend's food in Gauntlet so he kept dying. Eventually he got so frustrated that he shouted that line, ripped out his VMU and left. To this day I'll say that whenever I'm losing anything.


Bonus: Awe - FF6 opening scene. First game where I realized games could be a cinematic experience.


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