I'm really feeling it!

Question of the Day! Super late and way too much information edition.

Ahoy hoy. I went back to the hospital! It turns out when I was sick a few weeks ago I did NOT have strep, I had a blood infection that LOOKED like strep. My body, fairly amazingly, was able to subdue the infection mostly on it's own. They gave me the wrong antibiotics though. So the infection disappears for a bit....Spoiler: It's not gone. Enter a few days ago and a segment that may be TMI for some readers. If you're brave read on, otherwise skip to the bolded question. I was having some pain...in my groin area. This is not TOO uncommon in men, eventually it goes away and it's fine. However a few days later it hadn't gone anywhere and I was having fevers and chills again. Long story short, I had epididymitis.

IT'S PAINFUL. But it let me take a few days off work and discover the joys of vicodin: Hint: I don't take it as I can really see how people can get addicted. I just used a few of them and I was like, HEY, THIS IS PRETTY NICE! So I switched back to ibuprofen. Not as effective but uh, I won't end up selling my daughter for prescription pain meds.


So I'm off of work and hopefully that story explains why I'm late - I was sleeping and resting, but now I'm mobile for a bit. So I'm watching a movie on the television.

What movie am I watching?

Hint: Alec Baldwin, Gina Davis

After you answer, it's your turn. What was the last movie you watched? You can just answer and discuss it, or play the game.

I will probably go back to trying to iron some clothes and then just laying down in the fetal position.

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