I'm really feeling it!

Hello everyone! It's me. Resident Furby. And this, today, will be the final question of the day that I do. Maybe ever. At least for awhile.

I'm starting a new job, in a new lab. New boss, new computers, new scheduling means that it might be difficult for me to do a daily column however irreverent and lazy I've been about it sometimes.


I really appreciate the responses and participation that I've gotten over the past year (OK OK I'm rounding...it's more like half a year). You guys have been great and I can't think of a single time where I would have liked to monitor or delete any responses. Everyone has been respectful and nice and on and on and on get to the point.

OK. So, for today's question;

Is there any question you wish I'd asked?

Do you wish I'd had more questions about hipsters? Was there not enough Nintendo related questions? Was "are you a bigger fanboy of PC or Sega Masters System" always there in your mind?

It's an exit interview or something.

I will plan on a hiatus for probably a few weeks, popping in to check on TAY after 8pm. If/when time permits I'll try to come back regularly and honestly, I would guess that the new lab is more relaxed than this current lab so I will probably be back sooner than I think. I'm probably being melodramatic, but hey, who knows.


If you guys ever want to reach me outside of TAY:

mail: Issiyo@gmail.com

AIM: Issiyo

Skype: Issiyo

PSN: Slavitkus

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Aikage/

and I think that's everything.

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