I'm really feeling it!

OK, so before I got sidetracked yesterday, my original comment and question was...

What's your favorite art style in a game?

Mine is from the Zelda series, but it's not my favorite Zelda game (Link's Awakening for the feels, man!) It's also funny as when the game was announced I started in with the conniption fits just like everyone else, "Oh my God! So Cartoony! Is this game for the 4 year olds or what!?"


Then Link stabbed Gannon in the head. IN THE FOREHEAD. But that's beside the point.

I loved the art style of Wind Waker. The slightly Aztec influences, the bright and vibrant colors. The fluidity of everything. While I may have become annoyed with certain "fetch quests" and ....other things

I remain enamored with the art style.

PS. I apologize but I probably will not be around much this morning. I'm not ignoring you, just have a busy day ahead of me.

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