With the wrap up of the developer roundtable for Pokemon XY comes the announcement of many fun new things.

Of note are things like:

Horde Battles: Fight many Pokemon at once, but if your Pokemon doesn't have any moves that can attack multiple targets, you may be in for a challenge!

Sky Battles: Fights where only Pokemon that can fly are eligible to participate.


and 3 more Pokemon:

Talonflame, the evolved form of Fletchling:

Clauncher: a pistol shrimp

and Skrelp: A leafy sea dragon.


Horde battles sound pretty exciting. They also mentioned they are working on the way they will handle backwards compatibility.

As always for more Pokemon info check out Serebii.net and PokemonXY.com

Here's a brief video overview of the Nintendo Developer Roundtable, where they talked about it.


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