I'm really feeling it!

Quick Fix: Animal Crossing QR Codes Edition!

Alright, since I am super sad I have to go to bed now, for my wonderful shift tomorrow at 5 am, I won't be able to join the party of all you guys playing Animal Crossing at midnight.

But as a parting gift, and to just post something today, I give to you AC:NL QR codes!


Here is a great selection, found and shared from reddit, there are also numerous posts on tumblr, so check that out and share!

UPDATE: The US version of the Twitter and Tumblr connection service for Animal Crossing screenshots is live.

Go to https://i.nintendo.net on your 3ds browser to take screenshots and post your own. I know I'll be making myself a new subblog on my tumblr to accomodate some AC spam >:D

I'm personally digging the water one above, but also adding roads and streets to my town has been, my deal, for the past few AC games.


Also as a side note, I'll be adding everyone on the TAY list to my 3ds tomorrow after work. So if you've added me and I've not added you back, it's not because I don't like you, just haven't had time to turn it on for a couple days.

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