So, as I mentioned to some of you in-game, running kills grass. . . Yes, that's a thing.

Hey! it makes sense, right? I mean, you know, running over an area often kills it off. Anyways, the reason I mention this is because, in my Wii Animal Crossing game, my town was a barren desert :I No joke. It's not pretty guys, at ALL. So, I was just thinking, out of common courtesy, when in other towns, try not to run so much. I know, I know "TUT, quit being such a lame prude." But hey, if we want our towns to look nice and stuff, this is a major thing to look out for. You know those sweet QR codes Callisto had up on launch night? Yea, go and download those. Make yourself some nice, nifty roads to traverse on. :D

And sorry Zarn, for running around yesterday xD I'll send you something nice in exchange, ok? :)