I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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LET IT DIE hit the PSN store for free not too long ago and if you know nothing of it no worries. If you are familiar with SUDA 51 and Grasshopper Games you are in for a wacky game. Also this game was inspired by the Demon/Dark Souls games. So what do I think of this game after only a short while with it? Well...

  • You only seem to get gear from defeating enemies. There looks to be the addition of an online store for the game but I am not sure if it will possibly introduce pay to win mechanics such as better gear or just let you look fancy as hell
  • A typical healing item has been left in and what you have to use is mushrooms of varying effects. Some are very goofy like the YOGA HEAL which makes you get all ZEN but you are left open to attacks while you regenerate your lost health. You can also throw mushrooms at targets to make them fall under their effects
  • The rage attack system is neat. It’s like special attacks that you perform by building your gauge and doing damage
  • The game has a stagger and GORY attack mechanic as well pulling it off nets you extra exp
  • You can equip three sets weapons per hand!
  • It is very fast paced like Bloodborne
  • The traditional stamina bar is gone instead you have a heart rate and you will literally see your internal heart begin to glow and beat really fast meaning you should chill out in combat for a bit if possible
  • I love the setting being in a post-apocalyptic future with a Tower of Babel-esque vibe

I look forward to trying the game more soon but I hope this piques thine interest. Also I just wrote shortly after clearing the tutorial and getting wrecked in a new game start.

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