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Far Cry 3 (PC)

I have not had this much fun with guns in games for a long time, maybe I never had. While there is not many interesting items and stories to be found on this island, what differentiate it from Assassin’s Creed is a much more reasonable AI, and more careful level designs. Both of these reward planing and experimenting a greater variety of action style. Between my desire to blow things and people up and hate for fast paced gameplay, it hits a sweet point.


Hitman Go: Definitive Edition (PC)

Everything of this game is cold and transparent, from the starting screen to every enemies you encountered. This not for the purpose of making things easy, but of encouraging thinking more systematically about each level. Across the nearly 100 levels, same tricks are rarely seen applied twice. It is sometimes possible to exclude various possibility and spot the only chance in the first few steps, or realize that you are already dead because of a mistake you made several steps earlier. To see through the facts and get simplistic conclusions, that is an uncommon fun in video games.

Oxenfree (PC)

The game is uncomfortably intensive and uncomfortably loose at the same time. We are supposed to explore the environment, watch the radio and catch up with the flying dialogue options simultaneously, on the other hand the tedious walk and scarce points of interest on the map are an obstacle for engagement. Radio, the only way to interact with the world becomes too monotonous to play with after just a few trials. Though the voice acting is superb, the story doesn’t ring any bell within me. It is really hard to be motivated to go for a second walkthrough which seems to be necessary to grab the points of the story.


No Man’s Sky (PS4)

This game is like recycling the first 5 minutes of a certain RPG or Minecraft-like game forever. I am always in the belief that by working hard, I can level to a new stage of gameplay, only to wake up one hour later realizing that I am doing exactly the same thing, scanning animals which I swear seeing them before, wondering what that newly installed upgrade actually does, and playing puzzle game “Sorting Your Inventory”. Inventory management is so tedious that the pilot of that ship which has 5 more slots than mine seems to be the most powerful man in the world. If there is a true center of the whole universe, he who reach there first should be awarded for arriving there must be an inventory with 18 quintillion slots, though 5 minutes later he will hear that familiar voice telling him “INVENTORY FULL”.

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