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Quick Notes: First Quarter of 2016

I opened the blog thinking I can write a full fledged article for every single game I played. That turned out to be one of the numerous daydreams I had everyday. However, I feel bad not leaving any write-ups for those games I played. Therefore I will push myself to write the thoughts on games which did not get a full article in the quickest possible way.

I will first try my best to pick up most of the left overs in the first half of 2016, then keep writing this on a month base.


Gunpoint (PC)

There is a constant flow of humor into every corner of the game, from the best use of pixel art I ever seen, to the great detective/spy story where everyone fools everyone including the player. As a puzzle, the level is good enough to hook you clicking “next one” but on a hindsight the protagonist’s ability is a little overpowered and the level designs have not researched the game mechanism thoroughly to make the best use of them.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PC)

Completely cannot understand the praise for this game. It is my fault for ignoring the horror elements before buying which prevent me from finishing it. But based on the completed parts, 90 percent of the map is completely wasted. The scarce gameplay section feels artificial, it is like suddenly being dragged out of the game to play some boring mini games which has no relation with the world I am in. There is nothing to keep me engaged.


Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale (PC)

It bores me in two hours despite I had a crush on the characters. Despite you are pushed to making money constantly, the progress in your character is very slow and you will spend a lot of time crawling the same dungeon over and over, and the death punishment is too harsh. But the thing that finally push me away is the old man who attempts to sell me garbage whenever I needed cash most.



The game flies every moment you realize how those fascinating structures are constructed. However, when you start to traverse them in order to get the stars, you will find there is not a great variety of puzzles to be solved. Most of the difficulty comes from unnecessarily tricky jumping sections which really kills a lot of fun. Different levels are organized in an awkward way that you have to repeat many finished sections to pick up something new.


Satellite Reign (PC)

It is the best game ever... on the trailer. The art style and atmosphere is great when you just look at it. The numerous customization of squads are crazy. However, the lack of pause function and terrible AI cancels all my tactical options whether in stealth or combat. The ambitious level design presents you some really cool spots but the set up of guards are so mindless that it results in some bizarre difficulty curve, jumping from impossible to milk run and then back every other hour. The writing is so bare-bone that it abandons any personality or background of characters and organizations appearing in the game.

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