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Quick Notes: July, 2016

My opinions on games I played in July, 2016

realMyst (PC)

The most impressive thing is every location you land on serves as big functional machine and you have to really understand how they work intuitively instead of just playing some math and graphical gymnastics. That being said, some sections are underwhelmingly easy and the puzzle play is somehow restricted due to the lack inventory system. The graphics are realistic and the mouse click feels unresponsive, therefore the biggest difficulty is often figuring out which pixel on the screen is interactive.


Volume (PC)

It is more akin to a puzzle than a stealth, though it borrows some thrill elements from stealth game which is not very successful. The real fun comes from understanding the rule and AI, which are as simplistic as the art style, and exploiting it. There is a super friendly check point system to help you when you mess up things. Control could get a little tedious when using cover.

Pillars of Eternity (PC)

I picked up this game after several month’s suspension. It is a very standardized RPG given birth by a unique set up. If I was to be granted the protagonist’s special ability, most stories in my life would be drastically altered. Disappointingly, in the game it is only used for a few critical points in the plot, and then a showcase of mini novels from its Kickstarter supporters. Another thing that draws my interest is an abundant and realistic system of gods. Instead of being a cultural background, the plot tries to question the existence and authenticity of gods though it fails to shed light on any of the real issue. There is an otherness lingering in the main story all the time, as all dramas after the opening scene are actually caused by “another” life which the game doesn’t really let me experience. Put all the issues aside, I got all “standardized” pleasure from this game as from all other RPGs, except non-combat skills like stealth, mechanics are mostly obscured.


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