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Quick Overview on DE: HR – Director's Cut

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After finishing the game yesterday, I figured I can now answer some of the questions you might have had about this re-release. Here are all the differences and additions I noticed.


First off, here are the facts you might be interest in the most:

  • The game features a developer commentary which can be switched on and off via the main menu under “Extras”. It is available from the start and doesn't require finishing the game once first.
    Be warned that once you activate a commentary, it cannot be cancelled, and if you save while a commentary is on, it'll start anew when loading that save. Therefore, it is good practice to quicksave before a commentary, just to be save.
  • There is a "New Game +" option is unlocked once you've finished the game once. It let's you carry over your Praxis points you had at the end of your first playthrough, but nothing else. There is no reset, you keep all of your augmentations as you set them before, and any unspend Praxis points are carried over as well.
  • The Missing Link as well as the mission from the Explosive Mission Pack has been included. Items from both this pack and the Tactical Enhancement Pack are included as well. In other words, all DLC available is packed into this Director's Cut.
  • You still lose all your inventory items and Praxis points at the beginning of The Missing Link, but you receive everything back at the very end of it.
  • They lessened, if not outright removed, the gold filter in this game.
  • They fixed the glitch which allowed you to knock out Namir with a simple non-lethal takedown. That video is still hilarious though.

Now for some more detailed points:

  • There are reports of people having less performance with this version (PC) than with the original game. I don't care about this as much as long as the game runs smoothly on 60 FPS like last time – but here's the thing: It did slowed down at first and didn't even provide that. I had to use the registry trick as described on the Pcgaming Wiki before it worked flawlessly.
    Other than that, the game was running normally. It's no badly-optimized game by any means, performance should still be alright for most people. But the PC elitists among you will have something to complain about alright.
  • The boss fights have been revised and allow you to defeat them without using guns now. What they did in particular was to expand the original boss rooms and add more weapons as well as security terminals so you can send the turrets and robots after the bosses. You still have to eliminate them, whether it be through lethal or non-lethal means, but at least a stealthy, hacking build will now stand a chance against them.
  • The developer commentary is the most interesting part of the Director's Cut by far. The Game Director, Lead Writer, Art and Audio Director, as well as a few others from the Missing Link team, are commenting on all sorts of things in the game. Most of the pre-rendered cutscenes play the commentary automatically, but otherwise you can activate them manually while playing.
    The developers are mentioning a lot of interesting facts, such as pointing out the empty yellow paint cans that can be found all over the game. They are supposed to be a joke on the gold filter Human Revolution used – which is now gone in the Director's Cut. Talk about irony.
    A lot of the commentary is about how they had to cut things from the game. Utah, Bangalore, Upper Hengsha – all of them locations that were originally planned for the game, but had to be cut due to time constraints. They cut a LOT of things due to time constraints, in fact.
    This being a post-mortem commentary, they reflect on the game's reception and criticism after its launch. They even acknowledge the fan community and mention a few YouTube videos such as Adam Jensen Does A Safety Dance!, Adam Jensen Walks Into a Bar... and Punch Punch Revolution. A few community members and forum moderators are mentioned in the credits as well – now that's what I call developer-fanbase interaction!

Aaaaand that's all folks! I hope that gave you a good and short overview of the Director's Cut.

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