I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

What is your favorite color. I am looking for colors to try to make into fractals. I will keep this posted and update it as I put out fractals.

Feel free to also comment with a shape or something or a feel like sharp, bendy, warped, squarish, or loopy.

I have also made an imgur gallery here

UPDATE 1: I am working on making gradients then I will start trying to produce some fractals.


UPDATE 2: I have made a couple now you can find them in the comments below

UPDATE 3: I have them all done so far hit me with some more. Also if you want you can provide a photo that will become the gradient

UPDATE 4: Here is a list of parameters that I work with

Update 5: I have finished up all current requests I believe feel free to provide a picture you would like me to pull colors from as well.


Update 6: I think i finished most of the requests and have updated the imgur gallery still looking for more to do though.

Illustration for article titled Quick Question [Update 6]

I can normally get 2 or 3 of these to play together.and it not turn into nothing.

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