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Info: Mad Moxxi and The Wedding Day Massacre is DLC for Borderlands 2. It's a Headhunters Pack, which means it's $2.99 and is short and usually is made up of a few quests with a big boss and some sweet loot at the end.

So now that the logistics are out of the way, let's talk about the real stuff. Like Moxxi...


Sweet umbrella. Where'd you get that?

If I was going to crush on a girl, it would be Moxxi (and Monica Bellucci, but that's a different story for a different day). She hot, sassy, and has amazing one-liners. But in all honestly, I'm not sure she could save this DLC.

All the Headhunters Packs are holiday themed, and this one is for Valentine's Day. I'm not big into the holiday at all. (Mostly because I'd rather have a new game then flowers that will wilt and die, or candy that is probably already in my house.) Anyway, the Packs also usually have a big boss at the end, and this one really didn't. I mean, there are bosses and I'm sure they would be fearsome, but I'm using Level 52 characters on a Level 35 DLC. The bosses are going to die fast, and I get that, but the other similar DLC seemed more fun to me. They were quirkier and slightly longer, and had clever in-jokes. I was waiting for a Kill Bill reference the whole time, and either I haven't watched the movies enough to get the in-jokes, or they just weren't there. (Or a Red Wedding joke! Dropping the ball there Gearbox.)

All in all, it led me to question the $2.99 I used to purchase the DLC. Now, this is coming from a person that has spent several hundred dollars on the Borderlands series and related merchandise alone. I love this series, and sure, not everything can be amazing, but I feel like this Headhunters Pack might not be worth the price of admission.


Fun Little Extras:

Best Lines From The DLC:

  • Ellie: YOLO
  • Moxxi: Never say that again.

New Heads: Pay attention to ZerO's

It's called N0t C4n0n, but still, it lends some hope to the fact that Zer0 is an alien...


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