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Quick Review: Something is Killing the Children

Something is Killing The Children

What is it?

Volume 1, 128ish pages, full color, Mature, graphic novel.


Written by James Tynion IV, Illustrated by Werther Dell’Eder, Published by Boom comics.


What’s it about?

Monsters living in the woods killing kids. Erica Slaughter shows up to kill them, befriends one of the survivors, talks to a stuffed octopus, is arrested. B-plot revolving around family member of one of the slain kids.


Is it any good?

The art is great! Erica is, by nature, not a super talkative person so the dialogue here is pretty sparse and the art has to make up for that-which it does. Characters are interesting. World building is top notch. My biggest complaint is that the plot moves a little slow, and introduces a great many “cool ideas” with not enough payoff yet. So as far as complaints go, “being too intriguing” is a pretty minor one.


Would you recommend it?

Absolutely! Although you may want to wait until a few more volumes are out. If you want something similar in tone you could try Tynion’s other, finished, work - The Woods.


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