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I’ve been playing quite a bit of Star Ocean: Anamnesis since it was released earlier this week and I can say that it’s a pretty darn generous compared to the different gatcha games I play. If you’re interested in starting the game, then I would recommend downloading the game soon and following the various tips I’ve listed below to get a good head start on the game. Also, If you want to hear my thoughts about the story and gameplay of SO:A then you should read my article on it from when I got to try the game out in its closed beta since neither has changed much since the beta.

Without further ado


Tip 1: Pick either the Mage, the Gunner or the Healer as your starting 5* unit

All of these units are extremely easy and extremely safe to use compared to the tank and the attacker units. The mage and gunner are basically your ranged dps units with the former being consistent damage over time while the latter is a burst nuker. Both unit types are incredibly easy to use because you can spam your most damaging skills from a safe distance and you’ll most get some decent meat shields to protect your damage dealers from your first few gatcha pulls.

The healer unit you can select is similar to both unit types mentioned above, but this unit will give you a good amount of mileage down the line. First off, the healer can, well heal extremely well and because she’s a 5* unit she’ll have 3 skills you can use from the start, unlike lower rarity characters. Second, the healer will have at least one decent damaging skill that you can cycle through as you heal. Third, healer loaner units are pretty uncommon at the moment and setting your loaner unit as a 5* healer will probably get people to add you to their friends list quickly.


Tip 2: First Pull for More Units Before Pulling for Weapons

You’ll want to diversify your team after you pick free 5* unit so that’ll be easier to tackle the various challenges you’ll face in the game. Pulling for characters will give you more tools to play with in SO:A because characters usually have some kind of unique skill that sets them apart from other characters. Equipment can only augment your characters or buff their stats in some way, which is useful early game, but will plateau in usefulness later on. Also, if you start playing now, you will have the opportunity to get a 5* weapon of your choice for free, which I’ll talk about later.


Tip 3: Buy the Exp Packages and the 5* guaranteed character pull in the Shop

First off, you’ll buy these packages with in game currency only. I wouldn’t try to get you to spend money on a game I haven’t spent money on.


Anyways, both these packages are extremely cheap. The exp packages only cost Fol, which is the game’s easiest currency to get, and the guaranteed 5* character pull cost 3000 gems, which is the game’s gatcha currency. Both resources are incredibly easy to collect when you first start SO:A because the game is practically handing out these resources at the start of the game. You’d be crazy to pass on either of these deals

Tip 4: Check Out the Event Shops and do the Events

These event shops contain some useful items that are pretty easy to get if you put a small amount of effort into these events. The game literally gives you an event currency that will allow you to choose 1 5* equipment piece if you login into game around launch. Pick a 5* weapon that works with the 5* unit you got from the gatcha or you choose as you’re starter and you’ll be set in this game for a while.


Also, if you did follow tip 3, then you should have enough exp prisms to level up your units to a high enough level to allow you to tackle some of the higher levels of the other event going on in the game. You can then use the currency earned from that event to get some other good rewards as well. Doing these event is like a huge feedback loop that’ll allow you to get even stronger even faster.

Tip 5: Set Your Loaner Character to Your Best Unit


Doing this will increase the chances that some random person will add you to their friend list, which has 2 main benefits. One, it’ll give you the opportunity to call upon that random person’s loaner unit in the future and two, you’ll get an event currency when people use your loaner unit and being on that rando’s friend’s list will make it more likely they’ll use your laner unit. Though it doesn’t seem like much, changing your loaner unit to your best unit only has upsides.

Also, to save some time, you can change you loaner unit by going to the character guide menu, selecting the character you want to loan out and then hitting the “on loan” button.


I hope you found these tip helpful and if you want to add me as a friend in SO:A, my game ID number is S665NRH7Y5

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