I'm really feeling it!

Quiz Bowl Round #1 is over! We had a last minute team switch out where Team Stelarus was a No Show but for some reason the entirety of team Disturbed all showed up. So in the match up of Shardik vs. the World THUNDERLUST vs. DKKC, THUNDERLUST were the victors. Team DKKC is down but not out as they’ll be facing the losers from Round #2 in the lower bracket.


Final Score:


DKKC: 11

Some things I’d like to address prior to the next game:

1. Please keep it civil. Trash talk is OK, profanity is OK in small doses. Constant string of expletives is eh.

2. It’s just a game! Yes, there’s a sweet 1.00 prize pool. But in the end the real treasure is gold. Not a quarter.

3. As long as you’re about 80% there I will give the point to you. If you answer, “A League of Our Own,” instead of A League of Their Own...I’ll give it to you. If you misspell a name, I’ll give it to you. If you get the answer obviously wrong, I won’t.


4. IRC blows. We gotta switch to AIM. http://www.aim.com everyone. Switching to AIM.

I thought tonight went exceedingly well all told. Thanks go out to both teams for showing up and the next team to face THUNDERLUST, watch out for the bear.


Round Two will be sometime next week between Team Stelarus and Team Novibear! Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

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