I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Radical Speculation: Is Brothers in Arms Furious 4 Back in Development?

Consider this far-out speculation on my part, but while browsing the EB Games Canada website for sales, I happened upon a listing for Brother in Arms: Furious 4, a game that has been “cancelled” for a few years now and partially repurposed as Battleborn. I have never seen this game listed on EB’s website before, and I had scoured the whole website looking for something cheap (so I could get free shipping) a couple of weeks ago, going through every single game listed, looking for a sale. I did not see this. It’s very strange that it would appear now, right as E3 is getting started, so who knows! Perhaps with the success of Overwatch, Ubisoft feels it’s time to get a bright, colourful, interesting shooter on the market. (Links below).


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