I picked up NES Remix yesterday. It's good. It's fun. A clever little downloadable title that isn't little at all. But there is something I have noticed in this game and others that never fails to irk me.

Firstly, an admission: I never played these games on the NES. I've touched some briefly on emulators, but for the most part they're new to me. The NES didn't really show its face in the UK. Secondly, my digits are not as sprightly as they once were. So on some stages when it comes to timing and mastery of the controls I suck harder than a black hole consuming a Jell-o Pudding Pop.

And I'm okay with that! Practice makes perfect after all. I just need to keep trying to nail the timing, work on the techniques, and get to grips with the controls some more. The hours I put into Sonic Racing Transformed stand as testament to that.

So what is the source of my vexation? The crime the game commits is as follows: When you repeatedly fail at a stage messages appear on the Continue/End screen. They ask if you would like to watch a video showing how the controls and game work. It suggests that the player tries different stages. Never in a rude way, it's always nice and polite and trying so hard to be helpful.


And at that point a red mist descends over me, an anger that ensures subsequent attempts will fail due to my hands wishing to swipe in a feral fashion at the screen rather than trying to teach subterranean turtles a lesson with uppercuts

NES Remix, I know that I'm sucking at some of these stages. Constantly being reminded of that makes me want to try and suffocate someone with their own ear lobes. A grand task, but one that opens me up to you commenting "There are other methods of killing people, why don't you try some out?"


I can understand that some people may find such messages helpful. I am not one of them. I wish there was a way I could turn them off. I'm aware that I can play other stages (30/30 stars with one rainbow in Excitebike. It's good to know my multiple broken bones in RedLynx's Trials HD are serving me well there!) and I'm well aware of where the demo videos are for each game.

Aside from that, NES Remix is pretty good. I'd love to see a SNES Remix and, for the 3DS a GB/GBC Remix. If Nintendo played nice with their old friend and worked on a SEGA Remix title, that'd be just peachy.


Just let me hide the help messages.

@EllenJMiller's clicking thumbs they ain't what they used to be, ain't what they used to be, ain't what they used to be.