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Rage Quit: The Timer

Hi! My name is DamsonRhee, and I'm a rage quitter.

Yesterday Poco wrote an article on here about being a n00b. (http://tay.kotaku.com/n00bism-a-payn…) I commented about an experience with an MMO, where I had to quit because people were cursing me out after no time, even before I had learned the controls. Then I jokingly wrote that I was a rage quitter.


Since then I have been thinking about that statement and realizing that it wasn't really a joke. It was true that I've quit games over little things. I've put games down literally forever for stupid reasons.

And that reason: the timer.

I get shivers just talking about it. Nightmares. Anger. OK, enough overreacting. :)


My first timer rage came with Street Fighter. Those bonus stages were the bane of my existence. I always ended up like Ryu up there in the top pic: on my ass or with my head hung in shame. It got so bad I would just not play the extra stages. My sister would try to convince me to keep going, or she would pick up my controller and try herself. Eventually I got over myself and started attempted them again and having a sense of humor about it.

The next time I really let the timer get the best of me was Final Fantasy VIII.


The reason this was so hard was because the timer made me do things I never wanted to do in an RPG: run away, and if caught, flee. Flee...it was all in that word. I never fled from a battle in an RPG. I would stand my ground no matter what. If there was something that I couldn't beat, I would level up somewhere else, and come back. No such option here. That spider would kill me no matter what.

It turned out that I dealt with it. Not happily, but it was accomplished. And then the game did it again.


See that wonderfully, blue city? Yeah, I almost didn't finish what became my favorite Final Fantasy because of that track running through the city. At some point in the game you have to reach a few markers within an hour. (I think that's right. I'm getting old and can't really remember why I was running through the city.) Anyway, it wasn't some straight stretch of map this time. And I continually got lost and missed the time limit. After three attempts, I gave up. Luckily this time, I had a boyfriend that sat down, made a map, and got me through it. In the end, it literally took about 20 minutes to complete. I was just letting the anger get the best of me.


My least proud rage quit over a timer is Blue Dragon. I loved that game. I loved exploring every little thing. I spent so much time in that game. And then they gave a timed section to me: the Flying Fortress. That was the end of my Blue Dragon experience. I literally never went back to the game. Never. That's a really serious word, but it's the truth.

So what are your rage inducing experiences? Share all the anger! :)

And check out TAY http://tay.kotaku.com/ and TAYClassic http://kinja.com/tag/tayclassic. No really. Have you gone yet? Why not? FINE, BE THAT WAY! I NEVER REALLY LIKED YOU ANYWAY! I'm so sorry. I just think you should check it out. I'm sorry I yelled. So are you going to check them out? Please?

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