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Rage Quit: The Vehicle

Hi! My name is DamsonRhee and I'm a rage quitter...still.

But you know that, right? If not, you can check out my first Rage Quit post here.


Anyway, it's time to essentially complain about my ineptitude at games again. This time: vehicle rage!

Let's start here: Star Wars Racer. (Did you know it was called that? I always thought it was Star Wars Pod Racer.) I was so excited to get this game and play. And apparently, I'm horrible at pod racing. For a long time, I kept with it. I never did well in the races, but I could squeak by with a top three place, if I tried really hard. And then came that track. I don't even remember what it was called, but along the course was a spot where I fell off the track in the same exact spot time after time. I tried not to rage, but no matter what I did, short of stopping before and crawling by it at a pitifully slow pace, I couldn't conquer that track. And so the inevitable happened: rage quit.


You would have thought I had learned my lesson, but no. Next was this.


Curse you Jak and Daxter! Why was this so hard? I had to get my husband, with his infinite determination to finish the vehicle sections in the first J&D game. I just couldn't manage to complete any of them. I only quit this one after the second playthrough, when I was determined to complete everything myself. I failed. Miserably. I failed so hard I didn't even buy the other games in the series.

So I learned my lesson, right? Nope.


Welcome to one of my worst rage quits ever: Rage. It's right there in the title! It was a warning. I ignored it. One vehicle segment: to destroy some other racers. That's all it took. Probably no more than an hour and a half in and I was done. I couldn't figure out how to drive and shoot at the same time. And I had been doing it in Borderlands for months before that. I think that was the real problem. I could do the same things in other games, but not in this one.

Special for this addition of Rage Quit, an Honorable Mention:


I never quit because of Rainbow Road, but that doesn't mean I don't avoid it like the plague.

So have vehicles made you rage quit? Share away and don't forget about TAYClassic. You can share anything over there.

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