Rainbow Six Siege has the potential to replace your favorite competitive FPS, if you can find a good match that is. So far I’ve been loving the hell out of the Rainbow Six Siege Beta, but there are some really egregious issues with both the community, and the game.

Note, this is my first impressions to highlight the things that stood out to me the most. A full review of the game will be coming out in a couple of days before its December 1st release date. If you feel I left something out it WILL be covered in the full review.

Shooting feels tight and responsive. Controls are fully rebindable on PC, which is mandatory, but still great and should be commended. The options menu is pretty fantastic, with every option you would need, from basic functionalities like borderless windows mode, a Field of View slider, different levels of tessellation, etc.

Compared to other Ubisoft titles coughcoughunitycoughcough the game has run fantastically.

Except for the servers. Finding a match can be buggy. There are times where I’ll join a server, and someone will never load into the match, and thus you’re stuck in a never ending limbo where your match never starts.


Another horrible bug which mixes with the server loading issues is the one that doesn’t let you leave a lobby. To exit a lobby for an online match you have to press the escape button, F10, or your console’s equivalent. There were times where that just wouldn’t work. I would be mashing the F10 key, mashing escape, and clicking on the big options button on the top right of the screen. None of these things worked.

I was forced to close the game from the task manager because I couldn’t exit the lobby, and the game would never start because of a crappy server.


Rainbow Six has had a huge following for over a decade. From what I’ve seen, that following is still busy playing Vegas 2.

Yes this does round out to “oh your team isn’t bad you’re bad” but this is a legitimate pandemic. I’ve been playing an OPEN beta so these problems are slightly more significant now than they will be at release.


To join the beta you don’t have to pre-order, you don’t have to be whitelisted, you just register a uplay account and you’re in.

This means a good 75% of the people playing are either trying to ruin the game for everyone else, or are seriously inept at shooters. Its easy to tell the two types apart from their names.


When people named “qkrwl32455” (real name) and “pie4lyfefegot” (another real name) join your team, you know you wont be making any progress.

There is no report system, kicking people is extremely difficult (you have a 3 second window to do so) and there is no anti-cheat/anti-grief system immediately present. This is a serious detriment to the community of the game and I hope something is done to improve the community in the game.


As of now, anybody can do whatever the hell they want, including teamkilling their entire team and still not get kicked because the votekick option is too difficult to reach, and rarely functions when you can reach it.

During a match of Terrorist Hunt (the co-op vs AI mode) one player (the qkrwl guy) had the defuser. He would not plant it. I kept telling him to plant it. He still wouldn’t do it. Then he started shooting a wall. Five minutes later he still hadn’t planted the defuser, so I had to teamkill him to progress. He started shooting back at me when I killed him, so I was brought down to two health points. We ended up losing the game horrendously, and qkrwl and his pie friend instantly teamkilled myself and the other two players trying to enjoy the game right as the next round began. We had to leave the server because these two were preventing any kind of fun, and the three of us alone could not kick one of them.


I ran into this problem multiple times. One in three games you played would have one or more players griefing the match rather than playing the game.

All around, Rainbow Six Siege is goddamn fun, but if the problems present in the Beta are in the full release, people are going to get bored really quickly.


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