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Character Creation Guidelines

We’ll be starting out at 3rd level using D&D 3.5 edition rules. I am allowing items from Pathfinder to be used, excluding guns (for now - that may change). You may use any race without a level adjustment from any official book. If you want to pick a race that is not one of the common fantasy races or has a level adjustment I will work with you to determine where they come from in my campaign world and/or what you need to do differently in order for everyone to be mostly balanced when we start play. Likewise, I am allowing all classes, feats, skills, spells, etc.


We will be using the point buy method again for determining ability scores. You have 28 points to spend. All abilities start at 8 and go to 18 before adjustments for race or magic. You can either roll for your HP or take the average result (half your hit die +.5 for levels 2 and 3).

You have 3,000 gp to spend on gear.

I am not going to allow evil characters right now.

Your characters are all working together and are part of the adventurer’s guild. You are being sent to investigate a newly discovered complex in a swampy area.

I will be available to help with character creation today and hopefully again before we start.

Campaign World Overview

I have a homebrew campaign world and am going to give a brief overview of the things most educated characters will know. I request you read this before we start play.


The world is known as Faimoria. It is incredibly old and many civilizations have risen and collapsed. Currently most of the world is dominated by eight extremely powerful god-kings. They do not have true divinity and thus do not grant spells. They are powerful enough to clash with gods however. The nations ruled by these mortal gods are The Sarodian Empire, The Deadlands, Sylphium. Nappon, Dalm, Iskander, and the underground nation of Erizz. The final one wanders through various lands and does not rule their own lands.


This is an overview of the various continents and countries. I have not named the continents - I’ll take suggestions. Nations not labeled are either not important right now or haven’t been fleshed out.

Bottom left continent - This is where we’ll be starting the campaign. It was ruled by dragons until about 1200 years ago when they disappeared.


Bryland – This nation is the most standard fantasy nation. It is filled with lush rolling hills and forests. Bandits and monsters occasionally attack the outer regions. It is dotted with ancient ruins and dungeons, many undiscovered and unexplored. At one point in the distant past a vast thorned forest covered most of the region. The remnants lie about in the center. The nation is ruled by a queen and has a feudal system. It enjoys peaceful relations with the dwarves and giants to the north. It is a mostly human nation, with several pockets of other races calling it home.

Casandor – A dwarven country. It is fairly mountainous and provides a large chunk of the metal for the continent. The land is ruled by a council of several clan heads. Some of the clans are friendlier than others but only a few are outright hostile to outsiders.


Bjor – Here giants live in grand cities and devote their time to perfecting crafts. The nation is the youngest on the continent celebrating its bicentennial only a few years ago. An elected council rules with one member being declared head.

Ivalice – This is where the Final Fantasy Tactics games take place. But in this world it is a nation characterized by lush forests and heavy mists. Many elves call this place home, though they seem to be forbidden from talking about it to outsiders and the nation itself is very isolationist. As such the land is shrouded in mystery.


Isanove – Another Human dominated land, the north is fairly swampy while the south is mostly rolling hills and several small forests. The adventurer’s guild is headquartered in the capitol. Many scholars reside here, and the region has produced some of the greatest sages and wizards in history. It is ruled by a king. It fought back an enormous goblin invasion just two generations ago. The Shadowmourn Badlands are the result of that conflict.

Kr’tor – A militaristic nation primarily composed of Hobgoblins. Several other intelligent monstrous races live here as well. It is ruled with an iron fist by a dictator. It tried to expand into Isanove, but wound up losing some of its land. After several decades of building their forces back up it looks like they may be ready to try again soon.


Shadowmourn Badlands – Also known as The Shadowmourn Jagd. This region was once full of life but is now a wasteland. Few choose to make this place their home, aside from bandits and monsters. Laws have no meaning here and there is no governmental structure. Several ruined keeps, towers, and villages dot the landscape. Rogue constructs and the remnants of powerful magics are common. The lure of recovering weapons, treasure, and arcane knowledge left behind prove too strong to keep the foolish and brave away however.

Northern Continent

Sarodian Empire – One of the oldest surviving civilizations, it has stopped its expansion recently. Ruled by the benevolent and good Emperor Sarodis. The nation and capitol were renamed in his honor. He is one of the Mortal Gods. This nation worships a pantheon of good deities and produces a high number of clerics and paladins. The capitol is the most hallowed place on the planet and one of the most heavily defended. They are at constant war with The Deadlands and have peaceful relations with Nappon.


The Deadlands – A nation of undead and their servants. A cold region with forbidding peaks in the north and east and flat plains in the south and west. A great river runs along much of the southwestern border. Ruled by another of the Mortal Gods, a terrible and gifted vampire named Xeron. He rules with the aid of a cabal of Liches. Large swaths of the region have ties to the negative energy plane and those that perish here often reanimate as undead.

Sylphium – This region is not so much a nation as it is a vast stretch of untamed land filled with fey and wild beasts. The fairies are ruled by Oberon, the oldest Mortal God, who resides in a great forest city in the middle of the central lake. There are several settlements of elves, halflings, and other races more in tune with nature, however the vast majority of these live on or near the coast where the connection to the otherworldly realm of the fey is weakest.


Dale – This is the only nation the gnomes call their own. It is well defended at its borders by expensive mercenaries and heavy fortifications. The gnomes control the underworld and the nation is ruled by a shadowy cabal of the most powerful figures in the gnome mafia. Crime is virtually nonexistent within the borders. Outsiders are viewed with heavy suspicion.

The rest of the nations on this continent are unnamed and have no information on them right now.


North Eastern Continent – There are many diverse nations here located close together. The cultures interact with each other frequently and there has been much intermingling between the people who live there.

Nappon – A nation with an eastern fantasy style. There are four mountain ranges in the center, separating it into five distinct regions. In the center it is heavily industrialized with several large cities. In the south the culture is influenced by Perzan and is more of an Indian inspired area. The west is covered in forests and deep valleys and features several hidden villages of ninjas. The north has low hills and abundant fertile soil and rain. It is an agricultural center and is renowned for their skilled horse riders. To the east there are wild lands filled with demons and spirits. It is ruled by King Kenoshi, the youngest and weakest of the Mortal Gods


Iskander – The terrain is rough and rocky in most of this area. The winters are harsh and the summers are short. The region is sparsely populated largely by rugged individualists living in small towns. Though they have disappeared from the rest of the world there are frequent sightings of dragons in the area. It is ruled loosely by the Mortal God Goremak. Goremak is content to roam his own lands and is largely uninterested in the rest of the world.

Perzan – A desert region that produces many strong fighters and wizards. In ages past this kingdom was once very rich and powerful, but the time of decadence gave way to laziness and greed. A terrible series of storms coupled with infighting among the ruling class lead to a sharp decline that lasted until recently. The tombs and treasure vaults of ancient nobles lie beneath the shifting sands. A young king rules with the aid of his advisers.


Siltor – This land contains the mountains ranges known collectively as the Teeth of the World. A vast network of tunnels and caves connect to form the largest dwarven nation. It is ruled by a group of dwarves directly descended from the first king of the dwarves. The capitol is a tunneling city that searches for the best veins of ore in the mountains. Some communities of other subterranean races can be found in and around the larger dwarf settlements. The mountains outside are home to some reclusive alpine and avian races.

Ophinth – Another predominantly human land, it is rich in natural resources. A large and powerful merchant class has a strong influence on the nobility. Good relations with many other planes make this an excellent place to get information on them and trade exotic goods. Nominally ruled by several rival aristocratic families. They have more interest in improving their own station than in the common people, so the merchants are given essentially free reign.


Kalamar – A marshy are where several aquatic races live together in a loose alliance.

Foris – A peaceful halfling nation. Food is bountiful and the weather is nearly always nice. Festivals are held regularly. Tourism is the biggest draw here.


Jagd Dalmosh – Another lawless area. An enormous pit extends deep into the world.

Dalm– This island nation is a center of innovation. However, the rulers have few scruples and are happy to allow the less savory sort a sanctuary. The southern coast is dominated by pirate towns and cities. The northern and central regions are filled with inventors and magic users. The capitol is a great mechanical flying city. The master of the city is Mercuria, an advanced cyborg monstrosity and a Mortal God.


The Sword Continent – This is a region that rose up from the sea within the last 50 years. It is filled with odd geography, bizarre weather, and otherworldly creatures and plant life. It is almost entirely unexplored.

Other Info

The planes work as described in the rules.

Magic items are more common and easier to make. They cost 10% less on average to make or buy.


Extraplanar threats are not uncommon.

Gods can only be killed by other gods. Long ago mortals were able to ascend to true godhood, but none have for millenia.


If you want to worship a deity you can either pick from ones from real life, make up a minor deity, or ask me for a list of campaign specific gods.

The oceans are only safe along the largest shipping lanes and there are many small islands throughout.


The world has a much larger surface area than the Earth, but gravity is the same. Distance between areas may not be to scale and are subject to my whims.

Alignment has a concrete existence. That is to say there is an objective arbiter of good and evil, law and chaos. That is not to say that a character must always act their alignment or that there is always a consequence for every action.


And that should do it! Contact me on the Discord to join the game and get help making your character if you need it.

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