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Random Challege: Would You Rather?

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Here’s a bunch of “would you rather?” questions. Answer them, or face almost certain doom.


Would you rather...

1. Game on only PC, or only console?

2. Live in a world without multiplayer games, or a world without narrative-driven games?


3. Watch sports or wear Crocs?

4. Leave the EU, or stay in the EU?

5. Lose 5 pounds instantly, or have 5 people of the opposite sex (or same sex, if that’s your jam) within your peer group instantly find you attractive?


6. Have a real Pokemon of your choosing as a pet, or have a Pokemon holodeck where you interact with digital renderings of Pokemon?

7. Get an autograph from Zarnyx or GBD?

8. Have no car and live in the country with good internet, or live in the city and have no electricity?


9. End racial hatred in America, or instantly have $100 million in your bank account?

10. Vote for a corrupt politician that shares your ideological views, or vote for an honest politician that believes in things you don’t agree with?


11. Live permanently without drugs and alcohol, or live permanently without guilty pleasure trashy reality TV?

12. Be on a desert island with nothing but Adam Sandler movies for entertainment, or be on a desert island with nothing but country music?

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