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Random Challenge: Predictive Text Word Barf

Today is the last day to do the Random Challenge so I figured I’d submit an entry of my own (at least one that isn’t just a video). Last night in the TAY Discord Chatroom, Meathead373 and I entertained ourselves with an amusing discovery: using our phones’ predictive text features, we got our devices to spit out some pretty amusing content.

Here are a few highlights...

Attempt #1 just mashing the center option
A bit more sense going in a 1 2 3 pattern across the three predictive text options
Meathead’s life is not an easy fix, apparently. Also, sometimes loops happen.
Sometimes we got infinite loops
Meathead randomly mashing the options to spawn nonsense
This one almost sounds like bad song lyrics with the way certain phrases are repeated... almost...
Hilarity ensues when you start with a curse word
Now we know how Meathead finds comfort on a bad day
Apparently my phone has a crush on Meathead
And I guess I’m a cat?
Good ‘ole PyramidHeadcrab is a great way to go back in a statement, whatever that means
What’s this about dick shaped popsicles?
I’m a great day, and also a boring loop
Deliberately selecting the funniest options got me this
Meathead = intergalactic death
This one almost made sense
Meathead becomes death when you poop on yourself

So there you have it. A half-hour well spent!

Now, let’s do a really long one to wrap things up. Let’s see what my phone barfs into Kinja!

TAY is the best thing ever when you have a lot of people who are not in my room and the other side of the year before that I don’t think you should know what I was just about to go home and sleep all day long to load the bases loaded with this song on the phone with my mom just called me ugly but the fact that you can be found on a Saturday morning at work today was so funny when you are so cute and I don’t think you should know better but it would mean the world to her house in the world and I love it when people say they will not let you down and get it together for the next two weeks of my life


Well, that was a thing... Feel free to leave your own word barf in the comments!

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