Hello TAY, Ascendant here with the first iteration of Random Reviews, where I plan to do a review sporadically, of pretty much anything. Call it insanity, call it inspiration, call it whatever you like, but here’s Random Reviews No.1!

This is a review of a pen. I like this pen, so I’m gonna review it. So here’s my review of the Uniball Vision RT!

Easy to Hold

This isn’t a small or thin pen. I, and all other people with slightly bigger hands will appreciate this, and it weighs slightly more than other pens too! The bigger width and thickness means your fingers won’t bunch up, so cramping wouldn’t occur as easily. The slight weight also makes it feel as though you’re actually holding onto something substantial. Overall holding it is a pretty good experience, better than a lot of pens.


Write like Flowing Water

(Sneak Preview on the next ACoG!)

Writing with this pen feels great, because the ink flows easily, and rarely catches. The ink, which is water resistant to some extent, is good for writing on watercolour art or wet surfaces. It’s also very consistent, both in terms of smoothness and colour. It’s very easy to write on and on for ages with this pen!


Get a Grip. Please.


As you can see from the above image, this pen doesn’t have a grip, in the normal sense. It looks good design wise, but I find it a tad difficult to hold sometimes. The rubber grip sometimes feels icky, and while you won’t slip while holding it, your fingers might feel sticky after writing for long periods of time.

Click. Click.

This pen is definitely not on the list of the “loudest” pens, but the click mechanism sometimes fails, especially if you’re like me and love to constantly click the pen. (I know, I’m that guy sitting in the back clicking non-stop. Sorry) It just sort of jams, and isn’t a major issue, but still, pretty jarring to the clicky-clicky me.


Go For It!


This is definitely a good pen, though it’s a bit costlier than most. I don’t hesitate to recommend this pen at all, though it does have its faults. It’s still my go-to pen for offline writing, and has followed me through lots of homework, assignments, and general writing!

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This has been the first Random Review, hope you guys like it! Recommend anything, I literally mean anything, for reviewing! (But please don’t be stupid and ask me to review crack or similarly stupid things)

But, as I do not live in the US, it may be difficult or outright impossible to get my hands on somethings, so it would be great, if anyone else would review it! If you’re interested in writing a Random Review, feel free to do so, but not a review of anything that has been done before please.


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