I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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  • Amazon Prime day has thus far been a big let down. The deals aren’t that large (15% - 25% on things I want so far) and the selection is not super duper. They were advertising that there were going to be “MORE” sales than black friday but I guess they never said they’d be “better”
  • Recommend an anime to me that I can watch on Netflix or Amazon prime that isn’t: FMA, SAO (I disliked this a lot), Psycho Pass or AoT. I like darker anime that’s mature in content and has very little panty shots/trip to the boob grab/weak female characters
  • If you have a character where the design is obviously to cater to the male gaze, but then have her as a strong female character, what does this mean? Think if Buffy were constantly described as a “sexy, seductive, vampire slayer” and wore only a bikini the whole time she was on screen. Then again, I guess maybe Buffy isn’t the greatest example as she’s “Whedon” feminist - a woman who punches things.
  • Didn’t the newest kindle have some feature where you can click on a name and it’ll give you all instances where that character was mentioned? That would be really useful.

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