Mt. Backlog, The Darkest and Most Powerful Evergrowing Sentient Landmass

Backlog. A word that is synonymous to shame, and as it grows, so does our shame. Most gamers have one, whether big or small, and it weighs heavily on us; a constant Snorlax on our gaming backs.

I own a lot of games and a lot of them I have played but never beaten. Lack of time, school, new games, waning interest, jobs, and whiny girlfriends are all the excuses that have grown my gaming mole hill to full on Everest. But I aim to change that now.

Introducing Randomly Generated Backlog. Using a, I get four numbers and then pull up the corresponding game and let the community vote. I will provide weekly play logs of my experience until it is done and then a new set of games will go up for voting. Simple enough right?

For the inaugural RGB, I had three games chosen by fellow TAYers and one from myself. Here they are with a brief description:


#118 Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2

Get wet with Team Ninja’s newest graphical masterpiece, the Xbox 360 exclusive, Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2! All your favorite DOA girls are back and ready to battle it out in the tropical waters of Zack’s Island. Race high performance personal watercrafts, compete in assorted and alluring activities, sunbathe on white sand beaches, and go all-in at Zack’s Casino. Choose your own adventure on Zack’s Island and play at your own... leisure in this non-linear, incredibly beautiful, sequel of life in paradise.


#185 Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2

Fatal Fury Battle Archives V2 is a collection of 3 games (on one disc) from one of SNK’s most popular fighting game series- Fatal Fury. The titles included are Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2-The Newcomers. The games are known for their hand-drawn animation and character designs containing visual flair and personality with 2D gameplay that is fast, furious and addictive.


#130 Deus Ex: The Conspiracy

In Deus Ex, the gamer plays the role of J.C. Denton, a rookie anti-terrorist agent with UNATCO — the UN Anti-Terrorist Coalition. J.C., a nano-technologically augmented operative with remarkable abilities, has been ordered to investigate the terrorist activity in and around New York concerning a plague called the Gray Death. The elusive plague has no known cure and the only temporary treatment is Ambrosia, which is in drastically... short supply. J.C. must make sure that the terrorists do not divert supplies of Ambrosia from the people who truly need it. But as J.C. encounters the terrorists, he begins to notice certain discrepancies, and eventually questions the nature of his orders. Ultimately, J.C. ends up distrusting UNATCO and is caught in the middle of mind-bending plot as various groups vie for control of the world. In discovering the facts, J.C. learns that in this world you can trust no one, as your enemies, and even your allies, may be more than they appear.


#518 Resident Evil 4

Leon S. Kennedy survived the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City six years ago. Now he must rescue the President’s daughter from a sinister village in central Europe. And face an enemy quicker, smarter and scarier than any zombie. The ultimate horror – more action , more epic , more fear than ever before. The game the critics have been raving about comes to the PlayStation®2 . With exclusive new content that takes you deeper into... terror...


Now go forth and vote TAY! Voting ends randomly when I decide enough is enough!