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Ranking The Best and Worst Overwatch Heroes By Role

In Overwatch, each hero has their place on the battlefield, but some do a better job than others. So let’s rank the Overwatch heroes based on the four categories the game classifies them in.


Pictured: Rain and Justice.

Best: Pharah

Some heroes are faster and some heroes hit harder. But those heroes can’t fly and don’t have a rocket launcher. In terms of sheer mobility, Pharah can’t be beat. Once you get a feel for a map, you can spend an entire match raining down death without returning to ground-level. Plus she can deal decent damage, scatter enemies, and has a satisfying ultimate. Pharah is a good addition to almost any team lineup and a good Pharah can be like a Blue Angel of Death.

What is that giant robot, and can I have him on my team instead of Genji?

Worst: Genji

In the right hands, Genji can be a very effective hero. Too bad 99% of Genji players don’t have the right hands. Genji is supposed to harass enemies, pick off weaker foes, and reflect fire back at people. Most Genjis specialize in diving too deep and getting slaughtered. More often than not a Genji pick is a waste of space on your team.



His enthusiasm is infectious.

Best: Junkrat

Junkrat can be something of a pain to fight against. Pretty much EVERY defense character is a pain. But Junkrat makes up for the frustration with pure fun. When playing as Junkrat you feel like a giggling bomb-chucking lunatic. And unlike many defense heroes, he’s also useful while attacking points or laying siege to entrenched defenders. Combined with an ultimate that is both effective while also being preventable, Junkrat is a solid Defense hero who isn’t TOO annoying to fight.


Worst: Hanzo

This guy. Just...fuck this guy. As an enemy, Hanzo is an annoyance who spams arrows around corners and lands headshots when he coincidentally hits you in the shoulder. As a teammate he’s that guy spamming arrows, but he’s never on the point. Add in one of the most effective Ultimates in the game and you got the biggest self-gratifying PotG magnets in the game. Hanzo falls into the usual sniper pitfall of “not fun to fight” and “not a good teammate.” At least Widowmaker has the courtesy of requiring a higher base skill-level while giving her entire team wall-hacks every few minutes.



Anyone who can bench their entire team is a good tank.

Best: Zarya

Tired of teammates running past your shield? Want to protect them even when they run off the payload to get kills? Healers ignoring you during downtime? Then Zarya’s your gal. Zarya may not be the tankiest of the tanks, but she makes up with her stubbornness and aggression. With rechargeable shields and an energy barrier that turns incoming damage as firepower, she excells as dragged-out fights. And with a projectile barrier for teammates, she can keep on the pressure and her energy even while not in the thick of a fight. Even if your team is full of over-eager divers and part-time healers, Zarya is a solid pick. If your team is coordinated, Zarya can be a complete monster.


Worst: Roadhog

A tank -any tank- is always a good thing to have on a team, but Roadhog is probably the least-focused tank hero. Roadhog can soak up a lot of damage, but he doesn’t soak team damage like other tanks. He’s got high damage and can pick off heroes with his hook, but he doesn’t have great crowd control or denial outside of his ult. Let’s be honest here, Roadhog is for those offense mains who reluctantly switched to tank because no one else wanted to.



The best bard character in any game.

Best: Lúcio

Lúcio’s MVP status and stats speak for themselves but let me BREAK IT DOWN for you. His passive boosts make his team extremely mobile and hearty. He’s got a decent weapon capable of pushing unlucky enemies off cliffs. He’s got an ultimate that basically makes his team invincible for 6 seconds. And to top it all off, riding on walls is really, really fun. Lúcio isn’t the best healer for every situation, but he is a great healer for most situations.

Symmetra: When you don’t want your team to walk as much.

Worst: Symmetra

Symmetra is the Roadhog of the Support heroes. She bridges the gap between Support and Defense in a way that isn’t always satisfying for teammates. Her shields are better than nothing, but they’re going to stop one or two grazed shots at best. Her teleporter will get you back to the action quickly, but it’s not going to stop you from dying in the first place. Her turrets and main weapon can be a minor nuisance or a major threat depending on the situation. Overall, Symmetra is a good character, but unless you got other healers on your team she’s not that great of a support.


Agree? Disagree? Sound off below with your own list. Or just tell me how wrong I am. Fair warning though: if you list Hanzo as the best your comment will be deleted with EXTREME prejudice. (Really (not really (but I want to)))

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