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Ranking the games I played in 2015

I was going to do this post last week, but I was on vacation and too busy playing new games (one of which is now on this list) to bother with writing.

When I say games I played in 2015, that is what I mean. These games didn’t all come out last year (most did) but this is when I played them. It also means it was the first time I played the game. So Dark Souls, FFX and Nier don’t count. I should also mention I don’t play a ton of games, I usually pick a few I like and play them to death. Anyway here we go.


7. Dragon Age Inquisition

This will stand as the only game my wife and I have both played that she beat first. I will never forgive DA:I for that indignity. I still haven’t completed this game. I never really tried to cruise through the story, and when I found out I could just roam around fighting dragons, well that is all I cared about. Then the game did something to me that was unforgiveable. It glitched in the middle of a dragon fight and made me fight the same dragon twice in a row from full health to kill it. I failed, and have vowed not to play again until the game appologizes. But seriously this game is very good. Much better than Dragon Age 2 which sucked so bad. I will fight any of you who like DA2.

6. Thomas Was Alone

This was a fantastic little platformer with an interesting story and twist. It wasn’t particularly difficult, but had its moments where I was ready to toss a controller. If you haven’t tried it, I believe it is only like four bucks on the Playstation Network on sale until tomorrow. Well worth the money.



I had not heard of this game until reading some other top 10 games of the year lists. Decided to spend my Christmas money on it. Was well rewarded. I beat the game in like three days last week, and I can list on one hand the number of games I beat under a week after buying them. It is a great game, part survival horror, part scifi, part philosophical conundrum. The ending is just heartbreaking. I could have been happier with less monster encounters even though there are literally like eight in the whole game. The monsters weren’t bad, but they were more of a nuisance. They did add to the overall creepiness of the atmosphere, but I just felt some of them were OP or just put in the way as a way to avoid making a puzzle (I’m looking at you last monster in the game that isn’t the WAU).


4. Drakengard 3

I don’t know what it was about this game, but it sucked me in like almost no other game I played this year. It mixed a decent combat system with an interesting (if a bit pervy) cast of characters that made me really want to get the final ending. I will also point out that this game had the hardest final boss I have ever encountered. Seriously fuck rhythm games.


3. The Witcher 3

I’ve read the books that have been translated to english and plan to read the rest when they make the trip overseas as well. I liked The Witcher 2 and this game was one of the reasons I finally bought a PS4 this year. The game did not disappoint. And while I wasn’t the biggest fan of the combat, the never ending side quests with real STORY kept me coming back for more. I think I played 40-50 hours of the game before I even got on a boat to Skellige. This is a nearly perfect game all the way through.


2. Bloodborne

Or as it is better known in my household, “the reason I bought a PS4”. I love the souls games. Have played them all multiple times. Have 100 percented all of them. Have 100 percented Dark Souls twice, just for fun. Bloodborne was everything great about the souls games with an added flair. Gone were my shields (how I missed thee) and in were mandatory parries and dodges. And you know what, I am a much better souls gamer than I used to be. Who needs a shield?


1. Life is Strange

Really didn’t expect this here. This was the spot reserved for Bloodborne since it was first leaked as Project Beast. But alas here I am. Damn you Chloe and Max and the way you wormed your way into my heart. Damn you both. I killed an entire town just so the two of you could stay together forever. Here is a list of every game my PS4 tells me I have 100 percented: Demons Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, Drakengard 3, Dragons Dogma, Life is Strange. One of those does not belong.


Life is Strange was odd for me. It was one of the few games that when I sat down to play, I had to wait for my wife and roommate to be ready before I could start it. It became must play/watch for my entire household. Even the cats would crowd around the room (mostly because it was dinner time and they hadn’t been fed yet...) Sure the game has its faults, but it is just so endearing. I cared about every person. I forgot to water my plant and was heckled. I killed the damn bird EVERY... SINGLE... TIME. It bothered me so much I looked up how to save it. Damn that stupid thing for not knowing there was a WINDOW there!

Anyway those are the games I played and (mostly) completed in 2015. Here’s to 2016, may games continue to brighten our lives.

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