I'm really feeling it!

Let me explain you a thing, Nintendo.

WE AREN'T FUCKING STUPID. Any idiot knows full well why you're not including a power adapter with the New 3DS...


But the most baffling thing about this, to me, is your reasoning behind it: "Oh, we don't need to include one, people already have a ton of those adapters laying around."

Nintendo, this is Leonard:


As I write this, he is chewing on my phone charger. Yes, my cat destroys cords for no reason other than to spite me. As a result, I tend to go through 3DS chargers in bulk. I literally buy about 5 of them a year, for about $2 a piece on eBay, free shipping.

And what about the people who are only now deciding to take the 3DS plunge?

So clearly:
a) We've established that some people would actually appreciate the adapter.
b) The adapter literally costs 1% of the purchase price of the New 3DS to buy online.


So they're not including frills and gimmicks, as to reduce the cost to the consumer, right?


THEN WHY THE FUCK DOES IT COME WITH AR CARDS? You know, those useless card things that 90% of 3DS owners have probably never opened? If your goal is really to reduce the cost to the consumer (which we all know it isn't), then surely these stupid things would be the first to go.

Nintendo, this shysty bullshit is like selling a $60 game and charging an additional $5 for the "Start A New Game" DLC.


Honestly, it's shit like this that reminds me why I'm a socialist.

Internet, make a stand: Refuse to buy Nintendo first-party accessories where possible. Don't buy their charger; order a fuckton of them from China. Don't buy their styluses; buy third-party knockoffs. Boycott Nintendo accessories and tell them where to fuck themselves.

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