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Ranty Bullshit: The PyramidHeadcrab Methodology

I wanted to write this post because of my inexplicable popularity with these TAY Roundup thingies. I swear, every article I've written over the past two months has been featured... My ego doesn't have a problem with this, but it's often frustrating dealing with mainpagers who aren't familiar with my writing style. So, I wanted to write an article to link instead of having to explain it and get angry at people used to arguing about which of PSWii60 is teh bexts.

1. I write literally the first thing that comes to mind. Aside from typos, I never use the backspace key and I never delete sentences. I do this because I don't want my articles to be formal; informal is my tone of choice.


2. Most of what I write is a rant. I'll occasionally rave about an amazing game, but generally, I like to complain about shit that irritates me, or otherwise lambast some of the bullshits in gaming. It's more fun to write.

3. Everything I write, unless clearly specified, is OPINION(!!!!). I don't understand why this is so difficult for some readers to understand. I can't tell you what you like, or how to think. I express what I feel, and if you disagree, good. I wouldn't expect you to agree 100% of the time. Please stop using "that's just your opinion" as a criticism. It's not a criticism to state the obvious.

4. I don't give a fuck. No matter how resolutely you believe in something, I don't really care. The great thing about opinions is that everyone has one, and I welcome the free expression of opinions. But assuming that my, your, or any other opinion is worth something bigger than a mere opinion is a stupid assumption. You can't change how I feel about a game just my strongly asserting your differing opinion.

5. I just laugh at insults. Seriously guys, it's hilarious. No matter how much of a "fgt" I am, I still reserve my right to write - and about whatever I want.


6. I really don't care much. My articles are informal, they're usually a bit silly, and they're rarely trying to make earth-shattering commentary. Sometimes, they are - but I think there's a distinct difference between a grown-ass man pointing out the goofy failings of Nintendo and a grown-ass man defending artistic creativity as an abstract concept. If you don't see that difference, please calm yourself before posting.

At the end of the day, I love TAY for its capacity to host diverse ideas and a wide range of styles and personalities. That chaos makes it an intensely creative space, and I'll defend it as hard as I can. It irks me when people who don't know the site come in and start verbally assaulting authors, especially when they have nothing to contribute themselves.


Rock on, TAY.

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