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Ratchet and Clank Reference Images and Design

One thing I never mentioned in my post on Building Ratchet and Clank, other than why I picked the outfit I did, was detail on how I chose the reference material and models I used to build the final suit. Let’s fix that!

As mentioned on my earlier post about Ratchet and Clank, there’s no singular reference for either of the two characters. There are multiple outfits and styles both have gone through, and I tried to combine old and new, so that I could use the Ratchet head, tail, and Clank, for more than one version of the costume. I’ve already started building the movie outfit!


Body (Head and Tail)- Tools of Destruction

Ratchet’s body (head and tail style) is based off the Tools of Destruction model. I chose this character reference model because the shape of his face and ears is more defined, and his fur grain is a bit easier to see. His PS2 models are knotted, matted fur, a product of the low poly count. His tail poof is more even, with a slightly white tip, and four colors in the tail instead of two in the older games (two shades of yellow, brown, white- there’s a better shot of this in the Clank section, too).


Clothing- Going Commando/Locked and Loaded Box Art

When I mentioned earlier that I was using the Going Commando armor, this... wasn’t QUITE true. I was actually referring back to a VERY specific image that did not make it in game, some of the concept art that’s featured on the European box art. It looks like so:

Notice that the chest plate only crosses over the front (with a black leather-ish vest under it) and the dark teal clothing, a color that was a serious pain to match. I ended up finding it while on a trip to NYC’s fashion district.

BUT! This concept art has no image of what Ratchet looks like from the back, so I still needed to pop in game and use their model to see what the back of the armor looked like when Clank was not on his back.


So I went in game, bought the appropriate armor, and played through until I could find a cutscene of Ratchet without Clank to take some photos of the back projected.

So the image quality stinks, but I was able to see what the armor rear looked like


Note the totally different shoes, and the very different shade of blue, the TOTALLY different helmet, metal on his wrists and tummy...


But also that Ratchet has two holes in the back of his armor to accommodate Clank! Information filed for later. The rest was based off the concept art, with the teal clothes, black shoes, straps below the knee for the kneepads, and leather at the torso.


Like Ratchet, Clank was a mish-mash of the different styles over the years. I liked the feet from one game, the head from another, the chassis from a third.


Head/Neck - All 4 One

One of the more recent games, Clank’s head became rounded with a black top grill (that separates when he flies, a propellor comes from there). I liked this head design more for its smooth lines and rounded, friendlier shape.


Compacted Body and Hands- Going Commando/ Up Your Arsenal

The classic body, with the neck piece suspended over a small dark metal dip, lust looks better, especially when Clank turtles his head inside his neck cavity. Round pegs don’t look good in square holes! The feet in this version retract, in too, though, and I don’t really like that. Nor do I like the head. At all. Here’s Clank “open”, for better detail, but I did his “closed” version below it so you could see that his hands squish into his sides, knuckles in.


In later games, when he compacts, his fingers stick out and I think it looks weird. I made the fingers originally to match the Tools of Destruction model but didn’t like the look at all!


Feet: Tools of Destruction

So I used the feet from Tools to round out Clank. See what I mean about his fingers sticking out in this model? And I love his feet here, they look like little irons!


So, there you have it. Ratchet and Clank concepts for my costume! I’m entering these two into the NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay, so wish me luck! Submitting it all today!


I’m going to start working on the rest of the robotics, now. Question for everyone: what costume do you want to see me tackle next?

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