I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Rave is illegal! But Free New Album From Yerz

Good ol' Amiga, what couldn't you do? Besides Commodore going the way of the Titanic and taking you along with it back in 1994 that is. Anyway I point your attention and ears today to a new 20 minute epic rave album from YERZMYEY "Rave is illegal!".

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All the music has been made on AMIGA 500 (4 channels, 8-bit quality of sound) using the OctaMED 4.0 program. Recorded from real hardware (stereo slightly changed).Speech/vocal samples come usually from the MusicRadar. Female vocal by Mandy Edge.


Download this bad boy from right here. WARNING: NSFW vocals, Rowdy Pipper.

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