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Ready to Dance the Night Away?

‘Cause the first Splatfest is right around the corner! Splatfest is the Splatoon public event in which players all over the world have to answer simple questions and choose their side starts this weekend. These events will have their own ranking system, and the players on the winning side will receive a Super Sea Snail (an item that can be exchanged with Spyke to open up a slot on any gear, or to re-roll the ability slots of any gear on any gear with all slots occupied). Furthermore, depending on your own personal ranking at the end of the event, you may receive an extra Super Sea Snail.

The first Splatfest will take place during the following weekends:

  • Japan: June 13/14
  • Americas: June 20/21
  • Europe: June 27/28

In addition to the modified ranking system and the rewards, the city of Inkopolis (including all the multiplayer maps) will bask under the moonlight while the Squid Sisters perform live from the Plaza.


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