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I'm not going to put up some cool picture, but if someone has one they like for the sake of annotations, then recommend one. Go for it.!

The purpose behind this, is to get some feedback. Whether you're in games, a journalist or blogger, or a gamer, your feedback is important. As long as it is constructive.

We have gotten to a point where there have been plenty of women and men in games, voicing that the situation is hardly a suitable environment for women to work in. There is sexism in the work place, and discrimination too. This is something any avid reader or someone who invests time in gaming culture will be aware of. It has been a positive action, and one that should continue, but it gets to a point where awareness isn't enough anymore. So the next progressive step is action. But how do we go about that?


At the moment, I'm not entirely sure. But who better to ask than everyone involved. Man, women, feminist and humanist. The game maker, game player, and game writer. So that's what I'm doing, I'm asking.

I'm not looking to create a tone where I believe that so far nothing has been worthwhile, and that the women who have spoken up, aren't doing enough. Their efforts are to be applauded, but now we need to get even more serious about this and more responsible. We need to look at where we can take action, what we can practically address. And make markers so the actions and the direction that we go, can be a reference for our combined efforts. We can see what is working and what isn't.

Any rational person wants equality in life. And in contrast to the consensus, some of the gamers and developers that I know, are some of the smartest and fair people that I have met. There are obnoxious vocal pockets, but they are everywhere in life. It's just whether or not we decide to let that be the stereotype for who we supposedly are. And I don't think that is what us who game, want.

Some may talk about how this issue is bigger than games, or how it's a problem in other fields, in a way that almost tries to trivialize what goes on, mostly unintentionally doing so. But I want to try and do something in games, I want to try and make the passion that I have loved for over 25 years, and the industry that I have worked for 7 or so, to have a community that is progressive and accepting. It's an attitude that is there, I have seen it. So let us be an example.


There has been some great progress for some fortunate enough to see it in different places in the industry and community. This progress doesn't really get highlighted though, and that makes it harder to work towards where we want to be. If we do not examine where these attitude changes are actually working, how will others take it as an example, and as a guide? This is one action that can be taken at the very least.

I'm not saying that we should stop raising awareness, or that the community of gamers and developers are terrible people either. I'm just looking for progress, and real ideas of how start making it.


Right now, I have no idea where I will take this information or what can be done with it. But if there are a lot of passionate, constructive and motivated voices in a single place, then its a starting point. So I encourage you to share your thoughts on what can be done NOW, and examples of where it's being done right.

I'm no one important, I don't have any real sway. But I still want the same progress as everyone else, so let's try and do this together.

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